Oil Drilling to Resume in the Gulf’s Deep Waters

By JOHN M. BRODER and CLIFFORD KRAUSS Published: February 28, 2011 LinkedinDiggMixxMySpacePermalink.WASHINGTON — The Interior Department said Monday that it had approved the first new deepwater drilling permit in the Gulf of Mexico since the BP explosion and spill last spring, a milestone after a period of intense uncertainty for industry and a wholesale remaking [...]

MDL Panel:  Case Goes to New Orleans

MDL Panel: Case Goes to New Orleans

The Courts just ruled that the BP Deepwater Case will be heard in New Orleans:  MDL Opinion EDLA, Barbier.

Oil Rig Permitting, Operations, Spill Prevention and Response Law

Waltzer & Wiygul’s legal outline of statutes and regulations relative to the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon and BP’s subsequent response:  BP DH Oil Spill law

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