Gulf Tides: BP’s drilling disaster video series by Gulf Restoriation Network

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Tim Robbins narrates this ongoing series documenting the environmental issues and coastal community concerns in the wake of the BP drilling disaster. Created by GRN and NOLA Image Works with support from the VItalogy Foundation and Wallace Global Fund. Written and directed by Aaron Viles, Edited by Gino Kalkanoglu (NOLA Image Works) and Jared Serigné. Produced by Jared Serigné.

Episode 1: Fearing the Future

As the BP oil drilling disaster slowly unfolds, coastal community leaders and fishermen fear the worst and demand the truth from BP. Gulf Restoration Network debuts an ongoing series focused on the impacts to our coast and communities as this slow-motion disaster continues. Narrated by Tim Robbins. Featuring interviews with commercial fisherman Danny Dean Phillips, and Atakapa tribal leader Rosina Philippe.

Episode 2: Sperm Whales, Shrimp and Uncertainty

Featuring images of coastal marsh and seaturtles affected by BP’s crude, and interviews with Mike Lane of, Dean Blanchard of Blanchard Seafood, and Cyn Sarthou with the Gulf Restoration Network. Narrated by Tim Robbins.

Episode 3: Widlife in Distress and Dispersants

Featuring underwater images of dispersed oil, oiled brown pelicans and shots of wetlands affected by BP’s crude, and interviews with Clint Guidry with the Louisiana Shrimp Association, commercial fisherman Raymond “Bozo” Couture, Aaron Viles and Matt Rota with the Gulf Restoration Network. Narrated by Tim Robbins.

Episode 4: Oil Hits Home

In the second month of the BP drilling disaster, Gulf Tides revisits the Atakapa-Ishak people of Grand Bayou Community, in lower Plaquemines Parish, an area hard-hit by BP’s crude oil. The fourth episode in the ongoing series features interviews with Rosina Philippe and commercial fisherman Maurice “Bimbo” Phillips, describing what has happened to their traditional fishing grounds and community. As DC weighs in and the White House holds BP to their pledges, little effective action is seen on the water. Narrated by Tim Robbins.

Episode 5: Tough times, Tar Balls, and Tourists

As a signs of hope show up at the well-head, the impacts on coastal economies become more apparent for tourist-focused businesses, such as the Gulfport MS passenger ferry that takes people out to Ship Island, part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore. An interview with Captain Louis Skrmetta reveals the economic reality, while our camera captures tar balls on the beach, and an oiled pelican at the island. Efforts to learn from this disaster are already meeting legal challenges, as our interview with Mississippi attorney Robert Wiygul reveals. Also featuring return interviews with Lafitte shrimper Clint Guidry of the Louisiana Shrimp Association and Aaron Viles of Gulf Restoration Network. Narrated by Tim Robbins. Music from Benjy Davis Project, Stanton Moore, Clint Maedgen and Galactic.

Episode 6: Coastal and Clean Up Concerns

This episode features interviews with Len Bahr, Ph.D. the coastal science adviser to 5 different Louisiana Governors and Matt Rota of the Gulf Restoration Network discussing the Louisiana sand berm project, intended to block oil from entering the marsh. The episode also features an interview with Danny Lee of the organization Boat People SOS, discussing the challenges facing the Vietnamese commercial fishing community as they attempt to find work in the BP vessels of opportunity program. Featuring music from Anders Osborne and other Gulf coast musicians.

Episode 7: Oiled Water, Oiled Waste

With the BP well finally killed, long-term environmental impacts on the fish populations of the Gulf becomes a more significant concern. Mississippi fishermen document high levels of oil in the Gulf, more than enough to kill fish eggs and impact survival of this seasons spawning class. Community activists are also concerned about the enormous amount of oiled waste that has been generated, and whether plans to deal with it are sufficient.

Features interviews with fisheries biologist Dr. Martin O’Connell of the University of New Orleans, Clint Guidry of the Louisiana Shrimp Association, David Gauthe of Bayou Interfaith Shared Organizing Committee (BISCO), Casey Roberts, MSPH of Gulf Restoration Network, and Darryl Malek-Wiley of the Sierra Club. Featuring music from MyNameIsJohnMichael and Honey Island Swamp Band. Narrated in part by Tim Robbins.

Episode 8: Long Road to Recovery

As the nation’s attention moves on, coastal restoration and recovery becomes the focus of the BP response, even as more oil shows up in coastal areas. Featuring interviews with Rosina Phillipe (Atakapa Ishak Tribe, Grand Bayou Community, LA), Rick Steiner (professor of marine ecology and oil spill expert, Anchorage, AL), Robert Wiygul (environmental attorney, Biloxi, MS), Patty Whitney (community organizer, BISCO, Thibodaux, LA), and Paul Nelson (Commercial fisherman & president, South Bay Communities Alliance, Coden, AL). Featuring music from Helen Gillet, the New Orleans Bingo! Show, and Clint Maedgen. Narrated by Brian Denzer and Tim Robbins.

Episode 9: Mistrust and Missed Opportunities

Eight months after the BP drilling disaster, Congress has failed to enact a single law to learn the lessons of this crisis. Watch as massive oil mats are discovered in Gulf coastal areas. As the communities deal with the oil, its aftermath, and the uneven federal response, analogies are seen to the 2005 hurricane season. To rebuild trust and allow those most affected by big oil’s mistakes an opportunity to ensure a better response after the next oil spill, coastal advocates call for the creation of a Gulf citizen’s advisory committee or council, similar to those created in the wake of the Exxon Valdez.
Featuring interviews with Clint Guidry (Louisiana Shrimp Association), Rick Steiner (professor of marine ecology and oil spill expert, Anchorage, AL), Gulf coast community member Jo Billups, and GRN’s Aaron Viles. Featuring music from Bonerama and Sassafrass. Narrated by Tim Robbins.

Episode 10: Damages, Denial and Disappointment

Nine months after the BP drilling disaster, there are significant concerns about the claims process administered by Ken Feinberg. Coastal advocates point to inconsistencies from state and federal leaders on the issue of natural resource damages, which could negatively affect the ability of the environmental claims process to make the Gulf and coastal communities whole.

Featuring interviews with charter boat captain Zach Mouton, Vinh Tran of Boat People, SOS, and GRN’s Cyn Sarthou. Featuring music from Giant Cloud, Brass Bed and Generationals. Narrated by Tim Robbins.

Episode 11: Deepwater Deliberations

Despite the research and recommendations of the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, Congress has failed to enact legislation to respond to the BP drilling disaster. In this episode we examine two key recommendations of the Oil Spill Commission, the creation of a regional citizens advisory committee for more transparency and accountability in spill response planning and the use of 80% of the eventual Clean Water Act fines for Gulf ecosystem restoration. As the Department of the Interior begins to issue deepwater drilling permits, it’s far past time for leadership from Washington, and action on the Oil Spill Commission’s recommendations.

Featuring interviews with Clint Guidry (LA Shrimp Association) and coastal restoration expert Dr. Denise Reed (UNO). We also include musical testimony in front of the Oil Spill Commission from crawfisherman and musician Drew Landry. Featuring music from Big Rock Candy Mountain, Sun Hotel, & Vox and the Hound. Narrated by Brian Denzer & Tim Robbins.

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